Bahamas August 2008

Spent a week with some friends aboard one of Blackbeard’s Cruises boats in the Bahamas, the Pirate’s Lady. Had some camera and strobe cord issues, so I didn’t get to shoot about a third of the time, and when I did, it was with either one or no strobes 😦

Blackbeard’s was described to me as summer camp on  a boat, and I suppose that’s a good way of describing it. There was no privacy except behind your curtained bed nook. My nook was in the kitchen area so it was noisy early in the morning and sometimes late at night. We started running out of food near the end of the cruise. You could only dive air, and it took forever to refill tanks (only 1 tank to a diver!). We weren’t allowed to go into deco but when you’re diving air and you dive a deep wreck the first dive of the day, you only get 10 minutes bottom time, which sucked. I can readily say that I will not go back. It wasn’t particularly cheap either; I’d rather go back to Roatan for the price.

Photos are here: http://scubagirl.smugmug.com/Tropical-Diving/Bahamas-August-2008/5913890_brMSZ#367968118_UdyTm

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